Bylaw No. Description of Bylaw
26-63 To Regulate & Classify Transient Traders
29-64 To Compel Removal of Stones, etc. from Roads
31-65 To Provide for Eradication of Rats
49-74 Destruction of Warbles
63-80 Maintenance Area Establishment
4-86 Liability Insurance Agreement
2-90 To Establish Local A.D.D. Board (Committee)
1-91 Haying Policy Bylaw
2-91 Authorize Expenditure of Emergency Funds
2-94 Beavers Open To Hunting in Municipality
3-97 Regional Library Bylaw and Agreement
1-99 A Bylaw to Execute Agreement for Waste Management
1-2000 A Bylaw to Enter into an Agreement to Join a REDA
2-2000 A Bylaw to Establish a Road Committee
1-2001 To Establish Tax Certificate Fees
1-2003 Bylaw Enforcement Officer
2-2003 Bylaw to Regulate Speed in the Municipality
3-2003 Respecting Animals Running at Large
4-2005 Public Notice Policy
1-2006 Records Retention Schedule
4-2006 Dispense with Mailing Assessment Notice
5-2006 Establish Local EMO
6-2006 Speed Reduction - SW of 14-45-17-W3; Island View
3-2007 Establish Public Utility - Brada Water
1-2009 Establish Property Tax Incentives and Penalties
1-2012 A Bylaw to Provide Issuance of Permits for the purpose of Burning
1-2013 A Bylaw to License the Drilling of Oil and Gas Wells
4-2015 Bylaw to Provide for the Setting of Fees for Service
3-2016 Bylaw to Establish an Assessment Appeal Fee
4-2016 Bylaw to Adopt The Official Community Plan
5-2016 Bylaw to Adopt A Zoning Bylaw
  Zoning Maps 
7-2016 Code of Ethics Bylaw
2-2017 Bylaw to Provide for Incurring a Debt
4-2017 Bylaw to Provide for a Minimum Tax
2-2018 Bylaw to Amend Bylaw 4-2016
3-2018 Bylaw to Amend the Zoning Bylaw
4-2019 Enter into an Agreement for Emergency Services 
5-2019 Enter into an Agreement for Emergency Services (RM of Mayfield)
1-2020 Bylaw to Establish a Volunteer Fire Department
2-2020 Bylaw to Amend Zoning Bylaw 5-2016
4-2020 Bylaw to Amend the Official Community Plan 4-2016
5-2020 Allow Primary Weights on Designated Roads
6-2020 Repeal Bylaw
7-2020 General Penalty Bylaw
8-2020 Bylaw to Authorize Certain Expenditures
1-2021 Bylaw to Extend Time Required to Complete Assessment Roll 
2-2021 Bylaw to Amend Zoning Bylaw 5-2016
3-2021 Bylaw to Establish Mill Rate Factors
4-2021 Bylaw to Amend Zoning Bylaw 5-2016
5-2021 Bylaw to Amend OCP Bylaw 4-2016
1-2022 Bylaw to License the Excavation of Gravel from Gravel Pits
2-2022 Bylaw Respecting Buildings
3-2022 Bylaw to Regulate the Proceedings of Municipal Council Meetings

Bylaw to Provide for Assessing and Levying the Cost of Fire Suppresion Services


Bylaw to Provide for the Destruction of Documents


Bylaw to Amend Zoning Bylaw 5-2016 (Rezone)


Bylaw to Amend Zoning Bylaw 5-2016 (New Residential Use)


Bylaw to Provide for Tax Exemption Agreement